Starting a Business? How a Staffing Office Can Help You Build Your Team


If you plan to own a thriving and successful business you probably understand that it's almost impossible to do it on your own. You need hardworking people in your corner who will get behind your vision and put their all into helping the enterprise reach the heights that you've imagined. At the very beginning of your journey into entrepreneurship, you may not have the experience or funding to really pursue the type of talent that you really desire. However, you don't necessarily have to go the traditional route to find what you're looking for. Learn more about how a staffing office can help you put together a fantastic team.

Tremendous Savings Make a Difference

It's amazing how much money it can take to grow an employee. You fully expect to pay an hourly or stated salary but there is much more that goes into each person in your crew than just that. You may have to offer benefits, with at least a portion of the total cost of medical, dental and vision coverages paid for by your company. Also, when you factor in PTO, daycare, gym allowances, sick leave, and many of the other perks that woo potential team members, the costs can become overwhelming.

That's why it is such a good idea for you to take advantage of the services offered by a staffing office. Workers who come from a staffing office are typically considered to be independent contractors of your business. You'll only be responsible for paying their salaries because the other benefits are derived from the staffing office itself.

Put More Time into Your Business and Less into the Hunt

Combing through resumes in hopes of finding folks with certain skills can take up a lot of time. When you first announce that your company is hiring, you could be bombarded by people looking to come on board. While this is certainly flattering, the search can take a toll on you. Every hour that you have to spend interviewing and performing background checks is another hour that you lose in production.

Staffing offices simplify the hiring process in so many ways. They do all of the sometimes tedious, back-office work so you're able to focus on training the newbies and getting everyone on the same page.

You might be shocked at how quickly you're able to get a great team in your building. Find a local staffing office and partner up with them to get your business off the ground running.


28 April 2020

A Business Consultant Helped My Business Thrive Again

When I quit my job to become an entrepreneur, I decided to open a business in the same industry I had worked in for 20 years. I thought I would automatically make a great business owner due to my experience alone. However, I quickly learned that I was neglecting skills that are needed by a business owner, especially money-management skills. Even though I had many happy customers, I stayed "in the red" for months. I then hired a business consultant who helped me learn how to reduce supply costs and even consolidate my business loans to keep my business afloat. Soon, I began not only "making ends meet," but actually earning a great income from my business. I am eager to share the business tips I learned with other business owners and operators on my new blog!