What Do Fire Protection Design Professionals Consider When Making Recommendations?


You might be aware of the fact that many people rely on fire protection design services to help them with making their homes and other buildings as fire-safe as possible. You might have even decided that you want to hire one of these professionals to help you when you're building a home or other structure or when you're making major improvements. If you're going to hire one of these professionals, you might be a little bit curious about what their jobs entail. These are some of the things that these professionals look at when they are making fire safety recommendations.

1. The Type of Building

First of all, they will probably want to know a little more about the type of building that you are having built, such as whether it is a commercial or residential building. This is because different fire protection methods and materials are typically used for commercial buildings in comparison to residential buildings.

2. The Intended Use of the Building

The intended use of your structure is going to have a big impact on the recommendations that are made in regards to fire safety, too. A building that is going to serve as a multi-family unit, such as an apartment building, typically needs additional fire protection steps, since you have to do what you can to protect tenants from being affected if a neighboring unit has a fire. A building that is going to be used for things like setting up a commercial kitchen can also be at a higher risk of a fire, and therefore, more attention will be paid to installing proper fire protection materials.

3. The County or City Where the Building Is Located

Different counties and cities have different requirements in regards to fire safety, so the person who is helping you come up with a fire protection design will probably want to know the exact location where your building is being constructed or renovated.

4. The Building Materials

Some building materials are naturally more fire-safe than others. For example, if you are having a structure built from steel, then you should know that you probably won't have to take as many fire protection steps as you would if the structure was being built from wood. Therefore, you should make sure that you provide ample information about the types of building materials that are going to be used in the building process.


16 July 2021

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