3 Ways An ERP Consultant Can Help You Improve Your Business


Enterprise resource planning consultants work hard to help business owners and supervisors manage their businesses more effectively. Basically, one of these consultants will help you take a look at the resources that are available for your business and the resources that you are using right now. Then, they will help you look for ways to improve your business and the way that you run it. If you are curious about the types of things that one of these consultants can help with, consider the following ways that an ERP consultant can help you make your business better.

11 October 2019

Four Liquor License Considerations


If you have always dreamed of opening your own full-service restaurant and bar, you're not alone. There are over 1 million restaurants across the United States. While anyone can open a restaurant, not just anyone can serve alcohol in their establishment. This is because of the liquor laws that every state and many counties, municipalities, and jurisdictions impose on the sale of alcohol. Before you get too far into planning your dream restaurant, here are four liquor licensing questions you should answer first.

24 June 2019